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Merchant App

Zero Set Up Fee

No fee to use Scountoshop Application, Signup and your Store is now accessible to thousands of people in your locality

Digital Coupons and offers

Give offers to your customers and increase your turn over

Select from the list

Select the items from the tailor made categories and increase your sale.

Maintain your customers

Provide offers to your customers and accept their orders to maintain them

Accept or Reject Order

You can accept or reject orders as per your stock and delivery slot availability

Convince your customer through chat

Merchant has the ability to sell alter brand items by convincing their customers in case of less supply of one brand

No Crowd in Shop

Keep yourself safe by taking orders from your customers

Loyalty Points

Give loyalty cashback to your customers for every order they place on the application

Customer App

Luxury of ordering from home

Now customers can order items sitting at the convenience of their home with Zero Health Risk.

Buy from your trusted shopkeepers

Customers can select their known shops to place orders or can send to multiple shops at a go.

Seamless order processing

One application to select items, process order and check the invoice.

Make orders to Multiple Stores

Customers can choose to send orders to multiple shopkeepers for competitive rates and better quality.

Bargain for competitive prices

Customers have the liberty to bargain with the shopkeeper for rates and then confirm the order

Location access

Easily access the location of the shop if you want to pick up your ready parcel.

Select from Quality products

Customer has the ease to accept the order if he finds the quality of products is good.

Get Notified

customer gets notification when any merchant accepts your order and sends you an invoice.

Select delivery slots

From the digital clock select the time for the delivery of your order

Order Cart

Customers can easily add items to your cart from the add button.

Scratch Cards

Get great surprises on ordering from the app.

Loyalty Points

Now refer your nearby shops and earn loyalty points upon login

Delivery Ease

The customer can add or remove any address from their profile and can select any address at the time of the payment to deliver

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