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  • Dr Morepen Bp One Bp09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (Dr M1005715)
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    Dr Morepen BP One BP09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Overview: Dr Morepen Bp One Bp09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

      Stay healthy and fit by keeping your blood pressure under control by using this meticulously designed Dr Morepen blood pressure monitor. Now forget those time consuming visits to your physician to measure your blood pressure. Take the accurate check up of your daily or monthly blood pressure at home with the help of this blood pressure monitor. The simple and user friendly design of this monitor helps any expert or common man to  take a perfect reading of blood pressure. Whether you are on a diet or suffering from any health problem, you can take the reading of your blood pressure anytime, to avoid different types of unwanted health issues.

      About the Brand

      Dr Morepen is a reputed brand which is known for designing a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The latest and user-friendly design of their products assists the commercial and residential areas to enjoy and stay fit and healthy without visiting the doctor's chamber frequently. Nowadays, this brand is designing various diagnostics products. This blood pressure monitor is a useful addition to their diagnostics list which allows the users to stay updated about his blood pressure record.

      Material and Design

      This premium quality Dr Morepen blood pressure monitor comes with a four-user interface. The smart design of this device allows the user to detect the irregular heartbeat. This feature helps the user take precautions once the irregular heartbeat has been detected.

      This blood pressure monitor features Oscillometric Measuring Method. With this method, the user can easily and accurately take the right blood pressure reading. The device allows the user to get a quick reading of the blood sugar levels. The  display screen lets the user get proper reading of the blood samples. The device comes with special blood pressure classifications, indications and specifications as specified by WHO. With these exclusive features you will come to know about the status of your blood pressure.

      Being loaded with automatic power 'on' and 'off' feature, the user can operate it easily. This feature also helps to save more battery power of the device when it is not in use. This high quality blood pressure monitor comes with a special measurement range of Pressure 0-300 mmHg. The pulse rate it can measure is up to 30-180 beats/minute. The device has a special feature of low battery detection. With this feature, the user can operate it as per his requirement. If you are looking for a smart and fast option to measure the blood pressure, then this blood sugar monitoring system is an ideal one for you.

      Being made from latest technology, this device gives you the accurate measurement of the blood pressure. If you do not have enough time to spend sitting for hours at a pathological lab to get the blood pressure report, then this smart and meticulously designed Dr Morepen blood pressure monitoring system is the right device for you. Along with checking blood pressure at your home, the compact design of this blood pressure monitor allows you to monitor blood pressure while travelling. If you are using this blood pressure monitor for the first time, you can go through the literature provided. By following the literature or guidelines, you will be able to operate the device properly.

      This automatic blood pressure monitoring system runs on 4 X AA batteries. If you want to get this smart and premium quality product for yourself, buy Dr Morepen blood pressure monitor online from the comforts of your own home.

      Special Features

      This blood pressure monitor comes with a 4-user interface

      This device has an osillometric measurement method

      It has a special low battery detection power

      It comes with Irregular Heartbeat Detection facility

      The device runs on 4 X AA batteries

      The device comes with Blood Pressure Classification Indication, specified by WHO

    • Features: Dr Morepen Bp One Bp09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

      • 4 Users Interface
      • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
      • Low battery Detection
      • Comes with WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indication
    • Dimensions and Weight
      Product Dimensions 18.6 cm x 11.1 cm x 12.5 cm

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