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  • Philips Qt4005/15 Beard And Stubble Trimmer (m-power Play) (Phil1005684)
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    Philips QT4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer (M-Power Play)
    • Overview: Philips Qt4005/15 Beard And Stubble Trimmer

      It is the work of fiction to say that only women can present a proper style statement. Men are now not lagging too far behind when it comes to fashion. Men too have their own genre of looking good and staying stylish. Beard and moustache play a very important role in men's looks. If modern men learn to play with their beard and moustache, style and sobriety will instantly come into their control. Some of you like to have a clean shaven face whereas some others may prefer to have a stylish, French cut. Few others may be seen with a stubble. Whatever the look you may wish for, you must know about the perfect way to achieve it. If you can get hold of this Philips QT4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer (M-Power Play), your worries about playing with the beard will reach a certain point of culmination.

      About the Brand

      Styling your beard according to your wish is within your reach now. It is not always possible for you to visit the nearby salon to get your beard trimmed. If you have this useful item in your accessories set, you need not worry about getting time for yourself. But before using a new item, you must know about the brand and the manufacturer. Let's have a look at the brand. Philips is everywhere in our life. May it be a television or hair straightener, in every field of life Philips is a blessing. The quality of products they offer is beyond reproach. This particular item is a modern and exclusive item from Philips.

      Product Description

      This item is not only needed to enhance your looks but is also a highly useful item to be included into your daily necessities. Technology is advancing day by day and you must not be unaware of the modern technologies. Buy this handy lightweight, Philips QT4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer (M-Power Play) online. This beard and stubble trimmer has a trimmer, a comb and a brush. The trimmer blade has a rounded tip which has gone through dermatological tests and has been proven to be skin friendly. With this trimmer you could trim your beard with miximum precision. It may be a precision of 0.5 mm or you may trim your beard at the precision of 10 mm also. After trimming your beard, you could clean it with the brush and comb it whichever way you prefer. To attend a sudden invitation of your colleague or to welcome sudden guests, this is the way to groom and prepare yourself.

      This stubble trimmer is ergonomically designed so that it is easy to use. A product is definitely preferable for you if it can be easily handled. Philips is hereby satisfying this need of yours. This beard trimmer has an inbuilt, cordless battery which needs to be charged before usage. The battery needs almost 10 hours of charge. There is a light indicator on the adaptor. This light shows you whether charging is complete. After the battery is charged once, it can be used for 35 minutes at a stretch. This modern exclusive trimmer has a detachable head which you can easily remove in order to clean the trimmer. This easy cleaning offers you sufficient hygiene. Philips provides a 2 years warranty. You can extend the span of warranty to 1 more year if you register with the official website of Philips India online. Buy the Philips QT4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer (M-Power Play) online and welcome the means of modern styling in your life.

      Key Highlights

      Cordless chargeable battery

      Trimmer blade, brush and comb


      Easy to use and easy to clean


      Skin friendly

      Durable item

      Warranty of 2 years

    • Features: Philips Qt4005/15 Beard And Stubble Trimmer

      • Easy to clean
      • 20 locking length settings
      • Built to last
      • Ergonomic design
      • Skin-friendly high-performance
    • Dimensions and Weight
      Product Weight 500 grams
      Product Dimensions 23 cm x 14.8 cm x 7.7 cm

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